It’s a bit late for this, but good ‘ol Tennessee is stepping up to bat.

This 400-year-old debate is the crux of the “American experiment”.  Little known (and not often taught in schools) is the conflict between sovereign states and a unified (federal) government.  This ongoing debate predates the “American revolution” by more than a century.

Here’s what i mean by the “American experiment”, and why i put it in quotes.  Leaving aside the murder of 100 million natives (ripe subject for another post, for “blood defiles the ground,” “cries out,” and is not shushed until vindicated), this country became a bit of an anomaly as war-beleaguered Europeans discovered that they could come over here and have:
—all the land they wanted.  Fertile.  Untouched.  Unlimited lumber.
—no stifling laws.  even if there were laws, all they needed to do was move further into uncharted territory to live unhampered lives
—good neighbors.  when you work your ass off every day, it builds character.  so it didn’t matter if the immigrant living beside you was Polish, Italian, Irish, or German; the fact that you were both working hard every day on your own behalf creates a virtual symphony of fellowship with those around you.  Need honey?  I think Wagner’s have some on the other side of the ridge.  Take them some eggs, a fox got all their chickens last month.

and here’s the kicker:

—sovereignty.  every man and woman were considered to be fully human; no caste system, no royalty, no limits on enterprise.

Of course we couldn’t have such an idyllic situation for long.  The “American revolution” was in reality a side-show to cover up the (successful) attempt to regulate all these hard-working, bible-believing, independent people.  Voila! …a federal government.  Note that the Bill of Rights is all held in amendments.  In other words, the constitution was first designed by our “founding fathers” (more quotes, sorry) to control without sustaining individual rights all peoples who were citizens of the states, not citizens of a federal centralized government …to control these under a mythical umbrella which mirrored the Great Britain system to a “T”.

This fact remains today.  A citizen proper is a citizen of his state, not of the US, or USA (very different legal status between those).  The conflict that had been broiling for over a century before 1776 was quite clearly, states rights vs. federal rightsIt had nothing to do with the American revolution.  The fact that the states would not ratify the constitution until the Bill of Rights were tacked on is a sign that some of the landowners were actually educated, and saw the attempt to limit their freedoms.

The fact that most of the founding fathers were masons speaks volumes.  Most churches in the 1700’s would not allow a Mason in their doors.  What i am trying to point out here is that what happened was entirely deliberate and is still happening.

We are reaching the end of the “American experiment”.  The land is allocated.  The natives are marginalized.  Moloch is reigning.  The games being played with the stuff called money are past ridiculous.  For example, the derivative market alone could paper every square inch of the earth, including papering all trees, 13 time over with dollar bills.  Do the math.  6.2 quadrillion dollars and counting.  Pay your electric bill recently?

You see, it was inevitable that a ‘free’ country come into existence at some point in the world’s history.  They saw it coming, and planned meticulously for it.  We are it.  We are the final scions of a well-planned experiment that is supposed to capstone the pyramid.  You know, that thing on the back of your dollar bill with the eye on it.

And the only thing we have to sacrifice is our sovereignty.  Don’t provide for your family finances, the government will take care of it.

Don’t provide for your family health, the government will take care of it.

Don’t provide for your elderly, the government has social security.

Don’t provide for nutrient needs, the government will take care of it.

…and last of all, and most important of all..

Don’t provide for your children, for the government will take care of them.

Summary:  federalists vs. states.  Individuals vs. the collective.  Elijah.  Moses.  Jonah.  Job.


Friends, the “American experiment” is over.  The only real form of government is a Monarchy.  Everything else is subject to manipulation.  Even a monarchy is, but God has a hand in that particular manipulation.  For me, I’d rather fall into the hands of God.

The beast has invested in the power of the collective.  The Christian has power invested in one, the Christ.  And as a result, each of his children are uniquely, amazingly, and practically, individuals.  This is what the enemy fears.  Get used to either being an individual. or vitriolically and self-righteously serving the Beast.




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